smiONE Visa Prepaid Card

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide streamlined and simplified payment processing solutions for our clients, SMI has proudly partnered with Visa to add the smiONE Visa Prepaid Debit Card to our arsenal of child support payment solutions. The smiONE Card has proven to be widely successful in the states where it is currently offered, not only as a means of significantly reducing the paperwork and postage involved with printing and mailing checks, but also as a means of giving the unbanked and underbanked an effective tool for managing their own finances.



The smiONE Visa Prepaid Card simplifies child child support payment processing by giving the cardholder instant access to child support payments that are credited to the card as an alternative to receiving a check in the mail.

The smiONE Card may be used online, in stores, and at ATM machines, anywhere Visa is accepted. Cardholders may also add their own funds to their cards, effectively turning the smiONE Card into an all-in-one financial management solution if they wish—all for a far lower cost to cardholders than what they would pay to cash checks and pay bills otherwise.


SMI is pleased to offer this tool as a payment processing solution because of the many advantages it offers both to state agencies and to child support payment recipients. Here are just a few:

  • Reduced cost of payment processing—no need to print and mail checks
  • Simplified tracking of fund disbursement and payment processing
  • Cardholder receives easy and instant access to funds, and can track balances online
  • Low-cost benefit to cardholders with limited or no banking privileges who no longer have to cash checks or purchase money orders to pay their bills
  • Cardholders can use the smiONE Card as an all-in-one financial management solutions

To learn more about the advantages of implementing the smiONE Visa Prepaid Card in your state, contact SMI today.