Payment Processing

Timely, accurate payment processing is a critical need for our clients, which is why SMI has made it a hallmark among the services we offer. Our cutting-edge child support payment processing and disbursement solutions have been developed from decades of experience responding to our customers’ needs, resulting in a robust system with accuracy rates that stand unmatched in our industry. Today, SMI processes over 30.7 billion transactions annually across 15 states, totaling over $4.7 billion per year—all at a combined accuracy rate of 99.98 percent.


Developed with the direct involvement of child support professionals, SMI’s payment processing solutions are specifically geared for the unique needs of child support payment processing and child support customer services. Our technology tracks each transaction across the entire workflow with profound accuracy, eliminating major error risks up front and enabling same-day processing of payments. Each of our state disbursement units (SDU’s) is set up and customized according to the legal and logistical needs of the state, resulting in a client-specific solution that helps to ensure long-term success.


Our payment processing solutions provide a wide range of advantages, including the following:

  • Cost-efficient transaction processing that combines timeliness and accuracy
  • Images of documents made available for immediate viewing, for tracking and auditing purposes
  • Streamlined payment data entry reducing the risk of error and improving overall quality
  • Accurate reporting features for quality control auditing
  • Cutting costs through reduced administrative responsibilities

SMI has worked tirelessly to develop affordable, efficient and reliable child payment processing solutions that deliver proven results. To learn more how SMI can improve your payment processing workflow, contact us today.