Financial Management

When processing thousands of transactions per month, it’s essential to have financial management solutions in place that are simple to use, yet comprehensive enough to provide accurate accounting and reporting across the board. For more than 30 years, SMI has been providing and refining financial management solutions specifically geared to the needs of government agencies enabling these agencies to focus on the needs of their constituents.


SMI has developed a comprehensive-yet-flexible financial management system that combines the standard features of government accounting with the specific functionalities needed by agencies all housed in a remarkably accessible and robust framework. This system affords functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, asset management, payroll, purchase orders, travel, budgeting, month end/year end reporting capabilities, and more. SMI’s financial management system is compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), meets the requirements of state, local and federal agencies, and is highly adaptable and customizable to the specific needs of your agency.


Our financial management services provide significant advantages to our clients, including the following:

  • Instant reporting in multiple formats, including SQL, menu option reports and ad-hoc reporting
  • Reliable, easily accessible environment, reducing non-productive time
  • Wide range of functionality, customizable to the needs of each agency
  • Outstanding customer service, maintenance and technical support from SMI
  • An extensive financial management training program for users
  • Enables better time management so agencies can focus on the people they serve

Currently, SMI’s financial management solutions are used effectively by over 500 administrators and management team members in many family services agency offices. Contact us today to learn more about how SMI can help streamline financial management functions for your agency.