Customer Service

The primary mandate of any state agency is to care for the needs of its people. In over four decades of partnering with state agencies, SMI has never forgotten this mandate, which is why we work tirelessly to provide flawless customer service within the states we serve. By managing numerous call centers staffed by CSRs trained to the highest standards, we’re proud to say we’ve been able to achieve and maintain the highest customer satisfaction rates in our industry.


Each state disbursement unit (SDU) we establish is connected with a SMART Contact call center equipped with the robust IVR and telephony technologies, and staffed with representatives who are trained to provide timely, courteous and accurate responses to customer inquiries. Calls are regularly monitored and recorded for quality assurance, and a highly trained management team helps provide additional support and training as needed. This enables SMI to provide customers the compassionate service and quick responses they deserve at a satisfaction rate that far exceeds expectations.


The advantages of integrating quality customer service with child support disbursement solutions cannot be overstated. Our trained team of compassionate experts effectively becomes the liaison between the state agency and the child support beneficiary, enabling the agency to handle millions of inquiries per year by maintaining the human connection. A solid customer service component also improves the overall efficiency of the agency program by identifying and resolving issues quickly and effectively.

At SMI, we understand that both our partners and the families we serve are depending on our ability to provide reliable information without interruption. “Going the extra mile” is part of our mission which is why we have gone to great lengths to establish a workflow that blends cutting-edge technology with outstanding personnel to provide a level of customer service that remains unmatched in this industry, once again proving our Passion to Serve. For more details about how we can serve your constituents in this space, contact us today.