Our People

Over the years, SMI has established a solid reputation of trust, transparency, accuracy and efficiency with our clients. Our client relationships, which span more than four decades of doing business, exemplify who we are. The SMI legacy has been built in large part by the people who work with us on the SMI team. As a familyowned and operated company, we have been able to master the art of the public/private partnership. Our unique approach has enabled us to bring improved efficiency and technological solutions to every agency we serve.


SMI is now in its second generation of family ownership, with four members of the Stone family currently serving in the top offices of our leadership. This enables us to stay true to our initial founding and guiding principles of trust and excellence while maintaining the accessibility and “personal touch” that our state partners have come to expect of us. It also means that our leaders are personally invested in the company’s success, which helps us maintain high standards of excellence among our team and employees. Our Passion to Serve starts very much at the top.


As a private company, SMI is unencumbered by the corporate “red tape” that our competitors so often deal with. This enables us to provide customized solutions and quick response times to each of our state partners, providing the streamlined support they need in order to do their jobs properly. Our partners also know that when issues arise our CEO is a phone call away if necessary.


The trust we’ve been able to build with our partners is largely based on transparency. We keep nothing hidden, and our clients know that if an issue arises, they will hear about it from us first. We know communication is key for all of our relationships.


The blending of cutting-edge technology with a quality team of people is a combination that has worked well for us. We lead our industry, not only in rates of accuracy and efficiency with the services we provide, but also in customer service satisfaction with the recipients we serve.

Simply put, SMI is a company built by people, owned by people, serving people. We have never lost sight of the fact that our business is ultimately about providing solutions to serve the citizens and families within each state we serve. This is why our people are the very heart of our company.