“There are two things that I really love about SMI. First, I love that SMI feels like family. Even as we’ve grown from the two original offices to a nationwide company spanning fourteen states, we’ve been able to maintain that feeling of family. Second, I love that SMI allows us the freedom to grow both professionally and personally…SMI is the best company I’ve worked for, and I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a member of this great team.”
-Don Baker, Project Director, North Carolina
SMI team member since 2000

“I began working at SMI after being a 911 operator for many years…I had family members that had worked at SMI in the past, and they often spoke of the ‘SMI family culture’ which was something that intrigued me. I’ve now been part of the SMI family for 11 years and can easily say that it was the best decision of my career. The Stone family lives up to their core values of Faith, Teamwork, Freedom, and The Extra Mile ,which inspires their employees to work harder in our daily jobs as well as in our community. And we have fun doing it!”
-Jerri Dinning, Call Center Manager
SMI team member since 2004

“After serving more than 20 years in a state child support program, it was important to me to continue meaningful and challenging work…I was particularly impressed with SMI and their strong focus on customer service and their “can do/will do” attitude. As a government employee, SMI always made me proud of the services they delivered to our customers. Now, as an SMI Proposal Manager, I am proud to play a role in connecting other governmental agencies with the outstanding solutions SMI has to offer.”
-Laura O’ Mara, Proposal Manager

“How many times in your career have you had the company Founder, CEO, CFO, or CIO call you by your first name or stop by your work place just to say hello? Before joining SMI, I worked for several major companies, and I can’t remember ever having senior management even know who I was. That’s not the case here at SMI. Executive management knows who you are and makes you feel like a valued employee and part of their family. I will say, anyone who would like to be part of an organization that is true to its word needs to become part of the SMI family. Going the extra mile is easy when SMI Leads the way!”
-Lynn McMahon, Deputy Program Director, Texas