SMI_Values-web SMI is known for the high level of commitment and caring that employees bring to their work for customers, to their professions, and to their teams. Our culture is interconnected by our shared values. Our culture celebrates employee’s achievements and places an emphasis on an effective mix between work and home life and supports their efforts to have a positive impact on their communities.

A critical factor in your success is finding the right work environment. We invite you to take a closer look at our family owned business to be sure our goals and values align with your aspirations.

Our Mission:
Going the Extra Mile with a Passion to Serve

Our Values:

Teamwork: We are all part of the family. We work hard, have passion for what we do, and have fun doing it.

Faith: We are accountable to each other and our Creator. We value fairness, honesty, humility, integrity, responsibility, confidentiality and community spirit.

Freedom: We need freedom to shape our future, we need profit to remain free.